Crimson Desert Online - Black Desert Private Server

Upcoming changes and our plans for remastered!

Greetings Adventurers! In this news update, we’re going to be talking about some game-changing developments and what they mean for us moving forward well as some cool new updates we are rolling out soon!

Breakthroughs In Our Development!

We recently made major breakthroughs in our progress towards the BDO Remastered client. This breakthrough significantly shifted our priorities. When we’re looking at potential paths and focal points in development, we’re always striving to find a reliable up-to-date client version to upgrade to.

We’ve decided to put our attention towards upgrading to the newest Remastered client.

To understand our decision, it is important to understand how Black Desert Online server development works. Anytime you update a BDO client version, everything changes. That means you run the risk of breaking everything you previously worked on. As such, many of the fixes we could apply to current issues would have to be redone after an update. This is because the framework from which Black Desert is built shifts between updates due to their own custom engine and their security efforts.

For these reasons alone, it stands that our efforts are best focused on upgrading to the latest client, creating a solid foundation for future updates, and then making huge strides in fixing the game from there.

The entire development process is predicated on our client version. An updated BDO client will allow us to fix issues for the long-term, at an expedited rate, and open the door to the latest content such as the Archer class, updated graphics, the central marketplace and the Shadow Arena Battle Royale.

Black Desert Remastered

In summary updating to remastered would allow us to:

  • Implement BDO Remastered Features;
  • Release Kamasylvia in a much more stable state;
  • Synchronize all class skills with the retail version;
  • Fix Animation issues certain classes have;
  • Implement lasting solutions to innumerable bugs on the old client;
  • And the highly anticipated new class, Archer!

It has always been our intent to build for the long-term. This latest shift in priorities reflects our dedication to providing stable, international BDO servers, free of P2W. A place for all Black Desert players to call home. What does this mean?

With all of these new considerations, we have decided to postpone Kamasylvia and release it alongside the Remastered version of the game, with the highly anticipated Archer included.

New BDO Archer class on Crimson Desert Development Server in Olvia

Since we are preparing for this massive upgrade, our team has recently recruited an additional developer that will focus on rolling out updates while the majority of our team will be working on updating our client to one of the latest versions!

At this time, we are currently focusing on debugging and solving crashes that are affecting players. This issue seems to be happening primarily when loading into the world. If you have a way to reproduce this consistently, we would be very glad to hear from you as it would rapidly speed up how quickly we can solve this issue.

The PTR - The Next Step

To help facilitate pushing quality fixes for BDO Remastered and Kamasylvia, a new PTR role has been added, which you can assign to yourself by typing "!rank PTR" in the PTR-Discussion channel.

By assigning this role to yourself, you will be notified of the latest changes on the PTR server. Once your role is assigned, you’ll always be up-to-date with potential changes for upcoming patches, such as remastered, Kamasylvia, or Archer!

This role will also be used to start discussion of various features or changes, so make sure you assign this role to yourself if you want to take a more active part in the development of the server.

Changes to Elion's Tear

We have been gathering tons of feedback from the PvP community lately. One heavily requested feature is considering cooldowns on the Elion’s Tears and Elion’s Blessing in PvP.

We are still researching the specifics for the implementation, but this is a change we are aiming to rollout in the coming month.

We are always looking for great suggestions like this, if you have anything you would like to see implemented in the game feel free to let us know by writing a message in the “Suggestion-Discussion” channel on our discord! Though we can’t reply to every suggestion, we do read them!

Great New RBF Rewards!

Another heavily requested change we are working on is updating the rewards you get from handing-in RBF seals! This was brought up on the player-hosted CDO podcast, and after some tweaking, we came up with the following:

  • 5 Million silver per win, and 2.5 million silver per loss.
    • 5 Seals - [CrimsonDesert]Pearl Box
    • 5 Seals - 10x Shiny Golden Seal (8 different seals)
    • 6 Seals - Memory Fragment x5
    • 30 Seals - [Event] Shakatu's Seal X2
    • 30 Seals - 50 Weapon Black Stones
    • 30 Seals - 70 Armor Black Stones
    • 35 Seals - 5 Hards
    • 55 Seals - 5 Sharps
    • 50 Seals - 5 Valk's Cry
    • 80 Seals - Advice of Valks (+30)
    • 80 Seals - Red Essence
    • 80 Seals - Black Essence
    • 250 Seals - Advice of Valks (+50)
    • 800 Seals - Advice of Valks (+100)
    • 5000 Seals - Vells Heart

Over the next month we will make leaps forward in development as we work to upgrade to the newest Black Desert Online Remastered Client. This will open up tons of new content such as Archer and allow us to fix an incredible amount of outstanding issues. During this period, we’ll be seeking to tackle detrimental issues such as crashes and implement some significant Quality of life changes with our new developer, ensuring we keep making progress on current issues during this transition. We hope you’re as excited as we are for this incredible breakthrough and we look forward to growing Crimson Desert into something great with you.