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Bad Luck Protection and Pearls!


Bad Luck Protection

You might have seen some of our staff members talk about our “Anti-RNG” system in the Discord chat. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what this system does exactly, so we’ll take a couple of paragraphs to talk about that here!

Most people who have played Black Desert Online have experienced grinding for an item for hours, maybe even days on end without getting a drop. This is primarily due to the low drop chances of retail, but the problem also lies with the fact that it’s always random. Even with much higher rates, there is still the uncertain factor of luck. You might actually never get the item you’re trying to get just because of bad luck. So we looked at that experience and thought; this doesn’t seem very fun. So we decided to combat RNG by introducing our Bad Luck Protection system.

The system works by tracking all the items you get from killing monsters and gathering. It then compares that to a list of items and their source. If you reach a threshold without receiving the rare item you’re trying to get, then the drop is guaranteed! We’ll continuously expand upon this system to cover more items, but the functionality is already ready and will be present at launch. This will make it so you never get punished just for having bad luck.

Our primary goals is making sure everyone has a great experience, and the way you get your rewards is undoubtedly a big part of that. This system is one of the many steps we have taken and will continue to take moving forward to make sure that stays true.


Ever since the first beta when we showed you our first iteration of the pearl quests we have been actively gathering feedback to make sure we could turn the system into the best version of itself possible. Our original goals with the pearl quest system were to give people the opportunity to do a variety of content and be rewarded in the form of pearls. This would ideally encourage players to visit zones and do activities they otherwise wouldn’t. Black Desert Online offers an expansive world and we wanted to encourage experiencing this. However, as we took a deep dive into improving the system we repeatedly ran into the issue of the system not being fun or rewarding. This was a big problem as we didn’t want to have a boring system be such a core part of how you got your pearls, so we started looking at alternatives.

We first started looking at why it wasn’t feeling rewarding, and immediately found that pearls as a reward in this format simply don’t work that well. The reason being; once you have done the quests for a while, you start getting diminishing returns on the value of your rewards because you don’t need as many pearls anymore. Which meant that you wouldn’t need to do the quests after a while, but since they are daily they were still encouraging you to do them and leaving them alone would feel bad for a lot of players. The answer to this became rewarding loyalties instead of pearls directly. We would give the players a certain amount of loyalties per quest, and we would add pearl boxes to the loyalty store so that players could convert their loyalties into pearls. Thus, when they no longer needed pearls, they could still do the quests and get some rewards.

A big problem remained, though. The system still wasn’t fun. The feeling of knowing that you would have to log on every day and do your daily quests which had you do content you didn’t necessarily want to do was not a fun experience. We wanted to encourage variety, but what happened instead was a feeling of the player wasting their time. If they focused on the efficient grind, they felt like they were missing out on pearls, and if they focused on pearls, they felt like they were missing out on progression. This was when we took a step back and looked at the system as a whole, and realized that it was flawed on a fundamental level. Black Desert Online is a game that prides itself on its Sandbox nature, the ability to set your own goals and systematically work towards them is a big reason many of us play the game. Focused specific daily activities you have to do are therefore counterintuitive to the core flow and the grain of the game. So now we had a few clear goals to accomplish:

  • We didn’t want to force people to do lackluster activities.
  • We want players to do the things they want to do, not what we tailored for them.
  • We still want to encourage a variety of activities
  • We want to reward active gameplay, and not encourage AFKing.
  • We want the rewards to feel good.

From these goals, a new system was born! First of all, we are introducing a new box. The new box drops a random pearl box from a variety of up to a maximum of 11500 pearls per box! This box will drop from all monsters and Gathering activities. Additionally, it will have a much higher chance to drop from world bosses. We will also be including this box in our anti-rng system, to make sure that you don’t miss out on pearl just because of bad luck. As a part of our initiative to encourage variety, there will be a limit on how many boxes you can get from a zone per day. After this limit has been reached, a notification will be displayed to let you know. We are also implementing a low baseline of pearls every 30 minutes online to make sure you get some rewards while doing semi-AFK activities like processing or cooking.

All of this will likely result in a higher amount of pearls per day on average, and the glorious chance of 11500 pearls from a single box. We are currently in the process of playtesting this internally to make sure the rates are correct, but initial feedback proves that this system feels much more rewarding than the pearl quests. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback about what you think of the new system! Until next time, Adventurers!