Crimson Desert Online - Black Desert Private Server

Launch Information

Hello everyone! With us being only a few hours away from the release at 17:00 UTC tomorrow we are discussing the launch and what comes after! A timer can be found on our Homepage.

Launch informaton


After some discussion internally with the team, we have decided not to limit quest items such as the Black Abyssal quest and Dim Magical Armour. We decided to do it this way because of the rapid nature our progressive release has. People will still be building up their characters over the next couple of weeks to get ready for awakening.

Additionally, we will be disabling Instant Health and Extra Large potions. We are doing this to ensure a healthy PVP environment even when the gear enhancement levels are capped. Unfortunately at a +15 cap with these items available in the game players are largely unable to consistently do enough damage to make the fights feel satisfactory. These will be enabled once we release Valencia and Awakening!


All quests such as the Mediah Combat Promotion are enabled, though we recommend everyone to not do these temporarily due to the massive amounts of EXP they give. The 55 cap is a hard cap so you will not be getting EXP past 55. As such, we recommend that you wait until the 55 cap is removed so that you get the most out of the quests.

Questions from Discord

Earlier today we took some time to gather some questions from the community so that we could address them properly here. Many of these will also be added to the FAQ.

When will you guys release awakening?

  • Awakening, lvl 60, PRI-PEN and Valencia will be released on the 11th of January.

When will the changelog be posted?

  • The changelog will be posted tomorrow shortly before launch.

Approx how many channels will be opened per thousand players?

  • We will be closely monitoring the density of players in zones and opening new channels accordingly. We don't have a specific number we're aiming for per-channel but are more focused on it feeling enjoyable to play and the world feeling populated.

How quickly can you set up a new channel?

  • Thanks to our newly redeveloped multi-channel functionality we can do that at a moments notice!

Is the respawn rate of Elites the same as on retail?

  • Nope! Elites usually respawn between 10-30 minutes on retail, but respawn in 5-6 minutes here.

How will the early game release be handled as in spawnrates for the tutorial area?

  • We have adjusted the respawn time of all monsters in the tutorial area to be much faster than they were originally. We have additionally added more spawns for foxes and wolves so you won't get stuck there on the first few quests.

How long will bosses stay at 25% health

  • Bosses will stay at 25% health until Valencia releases.

Are client modifications such as clothing mods allowed?

  • Our ToS state that you may not make any modification to the game that will give you an advantage

How are you approaching class balance?

  • We are launching with the retail state of class balance. We will be closely monitoring the performance of all classes and will make adjustments where necessary. These will include, but are not limited to; damage scaling changes, addition of Forward Guard, Super Armour, adjustment to resource usage etc.

How will events work?

  • In addition to the regular seasonal events, we will be working on creating our own unique scripted events. Our GMs will also be hosting some minor events from time to time!

Why no remaster at release?

  • Adding the remastered version of the game is an extremely lengthy process that requires a lot of manual work from our developers. A small branch of our team is currently working on it, but we are focusing most of our resources on stabilizing the current content before implementing new content. We are aiming to have a working test version of remastered by February.