Crimson Desert Online - Black Desert Private Server

Final Stretch


Hello everyone! The past few weeks consisted of a lot of work to get the server ready for launch. We have shown you some things in our newsletters and a few teasers and will be showing you more in the upcoming week. In today's newsletter, we discuss what our plans are going forward with betas and release, our decision on artisan’s memory and more!

Beta Information

Ever since we first unveiled this project we have been hard at work to make the server the best it can be. Thanks to all the great feedback we have gotten from the community, we are finally reaching the final stretch before launch. The past couple of weeks since the last beta have been filled with a lot of fixes, we have managed to close over 360 issues that consist of both internal and external bug reports! That along with some new implementation has introduced many changes, so in order to make sure everything is in order, we are moving into the final phase of testing.

Our final phase of testing will be two back-to-back betas. Our first beta will begin December 1st 15:00 UTC. The beta will last until December 3rd 06:00 UTC. The second beta will follow shortly after, the exact times for this beta will be dependant on the feedback we get from the first beta. It is likely to be a mid-week beta to properly test large adjustments and fixes implemented after the first beta. A timer will be available on our homepage.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out this video which showcases our new Geometry system! The new geometry system is what allows for smooth navigation and world interaction for the AI. The Geometry system will be one of the focal points when it comes to testing in the beta. We will also be showcasing our first public iterations of the bad luck protection and new pearl system! These systems have been tuned internally but are likely to see some changes during or after the beta. Our development team along with our support staff will be working actively alongside the community to ensure rapid fixes and active communication. Following the end of the beta, we will have a couple of days of heavy lifting from our developers to fix the issues that presented themselves. After this, we are likely to have another short beta only a few days after the first. The purpose of this beta will be to make sure all our fixes hold up and that no other systems were negatively affected. As this second beta reaches its conclusion, we will be looking at all known issues, and if we feel that the server is ready, we will set our final release date and announce it to the community!

As a beta participant, you will be able to earn a couple rewards. We are keeping our name reservation system. That means that anyone who reaches level 40 or higher in the beta will be able to reserve their family name once we open the reservation. Additionally, we are also giving out a extra free pet at launch to everyone who reaches level 55 this beta!

Artisan’s Memory and Pearls

A while ago we released a poll that let people vote on the direction we should take with Artisan’s Memory. The majority of players of players voted for us to introduce a cap on how many you can buy every day. We have taken this to heart and gone, and after considering the increased amount of pearls that players will be able to get with the new pearl system, we have decided to set the daily cap at 100 Artisan’s Memory each day. This change will make it so that the very active players will be able to somewhat frequently hit the cap, while also acting as a shield against the P2W elements it may otherwise have caused. On the topic of pearls, we want to quickly clarify a few things about the new system.

  • The daily limit on drops is per-zone and not per-monster.
  • Monster spawns often stretch across multiple zones. (Hexe has 4 zones)
  • The drop rates will depend on the difficulty of the mobs.
  • Elites have higher drop rates.
  • World bosses have guaranteed pearl box drops.
  • The pearl box is a part of the bad luck protection system.

That’s all for today! Next week will we will go into detail about some of our systems and share our progress in development. Until next time, Adventurers!