Crimson Desert Online - Black Desert Private Server

Final Beta and Release

Hello everyone! In today’s newsletter we are going to be providing details about our final beta, discussing our plans for scalability, and release!

Final Beta

For us, the past week has been focused on getting the server ready for the multi-channel functionality and fixing the issues that came up in the previous beta. Since the beta ended last Monday we have managed to fix over 120 bug reports! That includes issues such as CC, mob damage being applied incorrectly and more! This week, we will take care of the rest. Since so many fixes have been applied, we are going to host a final beta before launch to make sure everything is going smoothly. We will not be wiping your characters from the previous beta, so you can instantly jump in and continue where you left off.

The beta will begin December 15th 16:00 UTC. The beta will last until December 17th 00:00 UTC. A timer will be available on our homepage. In this beta we will also be testing multiple channels for both NA and EU at the same time. We’ve built the multi-channel architecture to allow us to scale the number of channels per region seamlessly depending on population. That means we can easily support the thousands of players who will be joining us at launch and ensure a smooth experience for everyone. As part of our commitment to high quality, we are also going to work to raise the standards for our communication and support, as they are some of our core principles.

In the previous beta you could acquire a free pet, which was the special Centaur! Additionally, if you play the beta for a total of 3 hours you will get the opportunity to obtain another exclusive monster pet; the Young Red Orc!

Crimson Desert Online Beta Reward


We have come a long way since we unveiled our first beta. In total over 600 bugs and issues have been fixed, entire systems have been rewritten and revamped. We’ve gone as far as to create a new geometry engine to deal with pathing, desync, collision and more. Our community has grown rapidly and it’s growing faster every day. It is thanks to the amazing efforts made by our team and the community, that we are now reaching a point where launch is coming up. A few days ago we released a poll to let the community help us decide when to release. The results were clear! As over 85% voted for a December release we will be respecting that wish. Considering that many people would not be able to play as much as they might wish if we release on a Thursday, we have decided to set the final release date for Friday.

We are proud to announce that Crimson Desert Online will launch on Friday the 21st this month!

We hope you’re all excited! The beautiful landscape of Black Desert Online will be covered in snow as you take your first steps of a great journey. We are all people who enjoy the core game but were for a variety of reasons pushed away from retail. As such, we are committed to a non-p2w experience with high quality and smooth gameplay. We will continue working hard to add both new retail content and our own innovative additions to the game. We are looking forward to sharing this passion project of ours with all of you for years to come!