Crimson Desert Online - Black Desert Private Server

Experience Awakening!

Hello everyone! In today's article, we talk about the new content update that is coming tomorrow at 18:00 UTC. It brings a new continent and the long-awaited class awakening. Keep reading for more information!

Awaken Your Class!

Tomorrow’s update brings a host of new content including, and among them is the increased level cap and awakening for all classes! As classes awaken they get access to a new weapon and many new abilities that will change and define the playstyle of your class. Most classes remain thematically the same, but some see larger changes in the type of abilities they have and the way they use them. As you reach level 56 you will gain access to a small questline that will help you familiarize yourself with the new weapons and abilities your class gains access to. These will allow for many new exciting combos to learn and for some, it will unlock entirely new ways to play your character!

Striker Awakened

As players get access to Awakening the class balance will shift. The average damage output will increase and as some classes’ playstyle will change entirely, we will be working hard to make sure the classes have the impact they should have. To achieve this we will monitor the balance of the game closely and take feedback from players to ensure that we achieve a fun and balanced experience for all players over time.

The level cap will unlock entirely in our next major content update, Kamasylvia! Kamasylvia is scheduled to release in three weeks, on Friday the 1st of February. Along the way there we will keep up our high pace of development and keep deploying updates to address issues rapidly should they arise. We are also in the process of expanding our development team which will allow us to focus on more tasks at once!

The Great Desert

The Great Valencian Desert, also known as the Black Desert, is the new continent players will get access to in tomorrow’s update. Valencia is a land of ancient civilizations filled with mysteries and monsters. The new area brings many new challenges such as the two additional World Bosses, the terrifying dragon Nouver who plagues the desert with its deadly flames and giant sandstorms. The second world boss, The Ancient Kutum has awoken from its slumber in the Scarlet Sand Chamber and awaits its challengers. With the full release of Valencia you also get more than 10 new areas to explore filled with monsters!


The Valencia continent also has hundreds of new quests with lore that lets you dive deeper into the history behind some of the world's most ancient civilizations. The new continent brings new possibilities for everyone, including players focused on life skills. New nodes for your worker empire and new resources to obtain is sure to bring you new sources of income. Areas such as Pilgrims’ Haven will make their triumphant return, and remain as one of the best and most contested areas for Gathering.

New and Upgraded Spawns!

We are focused on making the grind experience better for everyone, while also avoiding spreading the population too thin by adding many more channels. Adjusting and increasing the number of spawns have been a big part of this. Last week we made an experimental change to the Treant Forest, Sausan Garrison and Mansha Forest regions by increasing the density and updating certain rotations. After seeing what a great positive impact it had, we dedicated some of our time to upgrading the entirety of Mediah!

This change is coming with tomorrow’s update and the high level of density is something we will keep adding onto moving forward. The current spawns in pre-Mediah will also receive a facelift, increasing spawns and adding more elites to allow for a larger variety of grind rotations as well as letting more people enjoy the same areas.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about what areas need some extra care and attention, please do not hesitate to contact any members of staff. They will help you make sure your information is forwarded to the right people so that we can get this improved as fast as possible!

Improving Support With a Ticket System

We care deeply about making sure everyone has the best experience possible while playing on Crimson Desert Online, which is why all members of staff do their best to make sure you get the support you need and that you get it within a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately our main platform of support at the moment is Discord, and an instant messaging service such as Discord is not very well suited for keeping track of the thousands of people that play on our server. As such, we will soon be rolling out a ticket system that will be available to all players at any time. Through this system, we will be able to systemize and organize the workload so that the level of efficiency goes up while also allowing us to delegate more tasks to a larger part of the team. This means that the response time will be better and the quality of the support you receive will also go up!

If you would like to be a part of making this server the best it can be, then our team is always looking for talented individuals that will help us make that happen. If helping people is your thing, then being a Game Master is a great way to express that. It will also let you be a part of the internal processes we go through when implementing new content and features! Our application forms are always open and can be found on our website as well as on our Discord.