Crimson Desert Online - Black Desert Private Server

Second Beta Announcement

First Open Beta

Just over a week has passed from our previous beta and we have been hard at work taking care of the issues that were reported. In just over a week, 240 of the 324 of the bugs reported made by our first beta testers have been fixed and closed as of the writing of this newsletter.
We deeply appreciate the assistance of our community in helping us identifying bugs during the stress test. To further polish the game before release, we will be conducting a second beta test starting on Saturday, November 3rd, at 10AM EST, and concluding the same day at midnight EST.

Pearl quests

In the beta we showed you our first iteration of the pearl quests. Many players seemed excited about the idea but were understandably confused about the requirements about some of the quests, most notably the gathering quest that required the gathering of 1500 logs. We varied the difficulty of our pearl quests, with some being tuned to be easier, and some tuned to be harder. We found that the ones who were tuned to be hard were extremely difficult to complete as a daily quest and have decided to adjust them accordingly. More details are located in the change log linked down below. The adjusted quests will be live in the upcoming beta, and are still subject to change. Ideally, we want to incentivize doing a wide breadth of content, but we also don’t want these quests to take an entire day to complete. We’re always striving to make the player experience the best it can be, and are looking forward to your feedback.

Supporter changes

Two weeks ago, we shared our first public draft of the Supporter system. The overall feedback was positive, but we received very mixed feedback on the /protection command. We released a form that would allow people to submit their opinions, and found that 43.9% of players were fine with the current version of the system, and 44.4% of players wanted it removed entirely. We’ve heard your concerns and we’ve developed a perk we believe is vastly superior to /protection. With the updated version of the supporter system you will gain access to a 15% bonus to your worker’s crafting speed. This bonus will allow lifeskillers access to good gear and also help circumvent some of the artificial gating of content that is present in the crafting system.

The supporter system currently looks like this: click me!

EXP Rates Increased (30%)

Our EXP curve in the beta was lowered so that we could gather stats that would allow us to determine what EXP rate would provide the best experience. After reviewing the data we collected, we have decided to increase the EXP rate globally by a minimum of 30% with some variations from certain quests and activities. Our EXP curve will then adjust accordingly to our progressive release to ensure that player effort is rewarded with meaningful progression.