Crimson Desert Online - Black Desert Private Server

Beta, Bug Tracker, Supporter and more!

Community Announcement

Hello everyone! We are now just under 24 hours away from the beta. In today's newsletter, we will be covering some general information about the beta, our dedicated bug tracker, some design choices and the supporter system.

We also just hit 19,000 members in our Discord! We’re thankful for the immense support we’ve received so far. This is a big milestone, and once we hit 20,000 members we plan to do a giveaway on one of our social platforms.

Pre-load is live!

The launcher is now ready for download and can be found at the download page. This means you can now start the download and get ready for our beta! If you have any issues contact one of our gamemasters, and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

Beta information

The beta will run from 10 AM EST tomorrow until 11 PM EST Sunday evening. During this time, you will have full access to the game and our staff will be readily available at all times for any questions you might have. In addition to full access, you will be getting a goodie bag of pearls to play around with, and our Game Masters will be hosting some events towards the end of the beta with some cute cosmetic rewards that carry over to live! Of course, these rewards will not give anyone any advantages, there will be no rewards like EXP boosts or items.

The beta will serve as a way for us to stress-test the servers and make sure that all content is working properly. During this beta, we will be gathering a lot of analytics that will help us tune the gameplay and create a great launch for everyone.

Progressive Release

The beta will mirror our current idea for a release. That means the level cap is 55 and the maximum enchant you can reach is +15. This is going to be a part of our progressive release, which we will provide a roadmap for in the coming weeks. While we do have all of the content up to Drieghan, we plan to release it progressively to emulate the evolution of the game and fine-tune the content in real-time.

Bug tracker

The first version of our dedicated bug tracker can be found in the Account Panel. Here you will be able to submit any issues you encounter in-game, which will streamline the process for our developers and make it that much easier for them to patch bugs quickly. In the near future, we plan to expand the bug tracker by adding comment functionality with markdown. Click me!

In our tracker, you will be able to select from a series of categories that will label the post and make it easily searchable. You will be able to up- and downvote tickets in order to get them prioritized. Our developers will use this voting system to determine which issues to focus on first.

The tracker is live now, so feel free to check it out!

Important changes

Over the course of the project, we have made many changes to improve the general feeling of the game. It’s important to know about some of these beforehand, so some of our design choices make more sense, that way we can have a clearer dialogue for feedback.

We have added a skill level based progression system to gathering. Based on your skill level, you will receive more and more items when you gather. This scales all the way up to 4x at Guru. Meaning in addition to our increased rates, if you invest a lot of time in the skill, you will be rewarded for your time.

Our scrolls no longer have expiration time, and they stack. We did this so you may play the game at your own pace, and to remove clutter.

Another notable change is that Hard and Sharp shards will drop from world bosses. This was done to create a more reliable source for non-lifeskill players.

Additionally, our revamped Red Battlefield system. The new system features anti-afk measures and a whole new reward system. In the new Red Battlefield you will obtain tokens after each match. These can be exchanged for items like Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Advice of Valks, Valks’ Cry, Value packs, Memory Fragments, Shakutu’s Seals and many more! This will create a way to progress in the game, even if you primarily only want to PVP.

We look forward to hearing your feedback with regards to these changes!


The supporter system is an incentive for you to support the development of this project. The rewards you get in return are designed not to be pay to win and instead focus on cool features and convenience. Our goal with this system is to appeal to the general every-day experience of playing Black Desert, while avoiding any advantages that affect progression. The current version of the supporter system looks like this: click me!

As you can see, we will not be providing any drop chance increases, enchantment success rate increases, or combat experience bonuses unlike most of our competitors. There are two systems there that are completely new to the game. These are the /home and /protection (You will not be able to teleport while carrying a pack or while over 100% weight.) commands. The /sethome command allows you to save a location that you may teleport to a couple of times a day depending on your tier. The /protection command allows you to enter a state of non-pvp. These commands CANNOT be used in combat.

The idea behind this system is to allow players that want content like the world bosses to maintain a sense of safety. Some players dislike the open world PVP systems of BDO, and we want to create some way for them to be able to know that they cannot be attacked. There are some rules to this system. Each use of the command requires a minimum activation time of 15 minutes, and there is a 30 minute cooldown between each activation. Additionally, you cannot have dealt or taken damage from another player in the past 5 minutes. The amount of time you get will vary from tier to tier, but these numbers should allow you to either have a weekly hardcore grinding session without anyone disturbing you, or frequently do world bosses in safety.


That's all for today! We hope you enjoyed this update and we hope that it answers a lot of questions. As always, feel free to contact our staff if you have additional questions. We are very excited about the beta and are looking forward to hearing all your feedback. Until next time adventurers!