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Welcome to Crimson Desert Online!

As the autumn wind sweeps across the lands, turning the lush green vegetation into a deep crimson color, the mists surrounding the project we have been working on have started to disperse. Today we are very excited to officially answer several questions and release key information regarding Crimson Desert Online and its related services. Many long-awaited topics such as; rates, features, funding, progression, and the revamped pearl system will be discussed in today's newsletter.

Why did we start this project?

Our team has been passionate about Black Desert as a game and as a project for a long time. We were frustrated with the development of the game. We desperately wanted to offer an alternative to the exploitative and increasingly pay-to-win game mechanics of retail. We felt like we could create something better for the community. With years of experience emulating the game, we’re ready to use that experience to take emulation to the next level.

Notable Changes

Expanded Team

We made it our goal very beginning of the project to tackle some intrinsic issues with the game. We realized that this would be a monumental task, and decided that we needed to expand the team. Over the course of this project, we’ve brought on many talented people that will make this the best server out there. This also means our developers will be able to focus more of their time on providing new and exciting content. We have also expanded upon the tools our developers and gamemasters use to deal with problems as they arise, so we will be able to handle any issues swiftly if they appear.

Rates and progression

We gathered a lot of statistics and feedback from our previous projects. From this, we found the middle ground between making sure your investment and progress means something while also allowing you to reach your goals faster as you would expect from a private server. As such, we have moved away from the simple “multiplier” to loot and experience, and have manually tuned the drop rates from monsters, and the experience you get from both quests and other activities. This means that if you want to experience the storyline, you can do the full Black Spirit quest line and you should always feel somewhat in line with the zone you are currently in. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced player that just wants to reach max level, you can always do that as well! We estimate that most of our rates compared to retail are somewhere between 5x and 7x with variations to create a balanced experience.

Pearl system Revamp

The team gathered immense amounts of feedback from our previous projects. In that feedback, we found the community felt like sitting AFK waiting for pearls was counter-intuitive and boring. It encouraged people to leave their computer on at night just to gather those few extra rewards. We came up with a solution to this and created pearl quests. With pearl quests you can pick from a set of 10 daily pearl quests, either oriented towards life skills or combat depending on what you choose. This list is generated from a pool of quests that will be continuously expanded upon. On our previous projects, you could acquire a total of 384 pearls in twenty-four hours if you stayed on all day. With this system we’re happy to announce that you will be able to acquire 800 pearls, which is more than double compared to what you would receive previously! We hope this will encourage players to do a variety of content and feel that they’re getting something useful in return!

Dedicated Bugtracker

When we started working on our new project, we laid out a couple of important points we felt needed attention. One of the key things we prioritize is our ability to rapidly respond to issues that pop up. We know that issues will inevitably appear, and since it’s bound to happen, we’ve made it our mission to streamline the process of taking care of these issues. We’re going to be introducing a dedicated bug tracker that will allow you to easily and effectively report bugs in a manner that is helpful to the team. The bug tracker has a voting feature that will allow the community to decide what we prioritize. This will allow our team to rapidly respond to issues that matter most, and deal with them shortly after they become apparent.


Anticheat / Crimson Warden

On Crimson Desert Online we strive to give everyone a level playing field, which is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our services are prepared to handle people with malicious intent. Our in-house built Anti-Cheating Software is state of the art. Services such as Xigncode, and the softwares our competitors use are unsuited to handle the task of protecting Black Desert Online. With our new Anti-Cheating software, Crimson Warden, we are setting the standard for how MMO anti-cheat and protection should be handled.

Funding and Donations

We don’t like pay-to-win. Nearly all versions of the game, whether it’s the different iterations of retail, or other private servers are filled with design choices that force people to spend money to be competitive. They intentionally create a problem in order for you to spend money on their product to solve it. Running a project of this scale requires a significant amount of time, resources and effort, but we want to ensure everyone, no matter their financial investments can enjoy the game to it’s fullest.

We love the work we are doing to ensure the prosperity of Crimson Desert Online. We wish to be as transparent as possible with regard to the expenses of this type of project. There are wages to be paid, server hardware to be rented, licenses that need to be acquired not to mention the cost of the monthly bandwidth usage that is being consumed each month by the massive size of the client download. Each client download costs us roughly 31GB of bandwidth, and that is only for one person! In order to allow for us to continue putting in all this time, money and effort, we have come up with a system so that the community can assist us with ensuring that Crimson Desert Online will remain as the premier Black Desert Online private server. The solution to this is our Supporter system.

The supporter system allows you to, for a small subscription, assist us with ensuring that our services will continue to operate smoothly. Supporters will be rewarded with small quality of life improvements to their time here at Crimson Desert Online. Our team is firmly against the so-called “Pay to Win” mindset that our competitors have adopted. Crimson Desert Online is equally fair to non-supporters as it is to our supporters as we understand that not everyone is financially stable enough and/or willing to assist us financially, we are equally happy to have you here at Crimson Desert Online!

Name reservation

As a way to thank you for your interest, you will be able to reserve your family name if you partake in the upcoming beta. Any player that reaches level 40 or higher in the beta will get the opportunity to reserve the family name of their account. Alternatively, you can also contribute for a single month of any supporter tier and receive a name reservation regardless of your activity in the beta. The name will then be reserved for your account specifically, and no one else will be able to claim it.

Downloadable Backups

As part of our promise to deliver a stable, secure and transparent experience, we will allow players to download local backups of their own accounts. We utilize redundancy with constant periodic backups to provide you with the latest data available for download on your user control panel. You own your own data.

Server Architecture

Our servers are built on an architecture that is able to easily scale depending on our demands. Our server infrastructure will allow us to handle thousands of players at a given time, and will also allow us to do frequent backups without ever impacting the real-time server performance.

Moving Forward

The Gameplan

Our focus going forward will be to create a stable and polished experience for all our players. We want to provide a solid core experience, and later expand on the game with our own custom content. To make sure that everyone experiences a fresh server in the best way possible, we have chosen to do a progressive release. This means that more content will be unlocked as both the server and players progress. At launch you will have access to everything up to Mediah, and Valencia shortly after. Not only will this give you the smoothest experience possible leading up to new content, but it will also allow us to polish what’s there and focus on implementing new systems that address the inherent issues in Black Desert that they fail to address.


We have been frequently asked whether or not Crimson Desert Online will have the remastered version of Black Desert upon launch, and after much internal discussion we have decided that we will not be launching with the remastered version. We intend to focus on stabilizing and improving the core gameplay first before implementing remastered graphics.

Mid-Rate and High-Rate Servers

It is our intention to give the Community choices in how they experience the game. With that in mind, we plan to deploy two servers on Crimson Desert Online. One Mid-rate and one High-rate, with the Mid-Rate server will be released first. The High-rate will be released in the future. These servers will be on the same server architecture and receive the same updates, but will be more oriented towards different styles of gameplay.

Beta Access

The Open Beta will launch on Saturday, October 20th. The beta will last for two full days and you will have full access to the game during this time period. During our beta we will be holding special events and competitions that will give you rewards that carry over to launch! No progression other than these rewards carry over to the live servers. Pre-download will begin on Thursday, and from there, our launcher will keep you updated until launch.


This will be the first of many newsletters from the Crimson Desert Online team, so sharpen your swords and keep your eyes alert for additional information that will be revealed during the course of this month. Until next time adventurers!