An Untouched World

A mysterious and beautiful world lies before you untouched by mortal hands.

From the scorching plains of Valencia to the lush forests of Kamasylvia lies treasure, adventure and wonder.

As the wheel of time turns, another era dawns. The world is in need of heroes, now more than ever.

Sharpen your blade and steel your nerves for an adventure that will go down in history.

The choice lies in your hands hero,
How shall your tale be told?

Bridging The Gap

Emulation has a reputation of being subpar compared to the official vendor releases.

Low effort bug-ridden projects are unfortunately becoming increasingly common in the emulation scene.

We aim to rectify these misconceptions by setting the standard for as to how emulation is truly meant to be experienced.

Join us as we disrupt the status quo by bridging the gap between emulation and retail.

Scroll along and find out how we will accomplish this, and why we are the natural choice for anyone wishing to try out Black Desert Online.

Security and Protection

The security of your data is of the highest concern to us. We are employing state of the art security practices to keep you and your data safe and secure.

We oblige by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as we value your privacy.

All sensitive data is encrypted using industry standard practices.

We are following strict backup policies to ensure that all data is safe and secure in the event that we encounter any software/hardware failures.

Fair Play

We strive to give everyone a level playing field.

Which is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our services are prepared to handle people with malicious intent.

Our in-house built Anti-Cheating Software is truly state of the art.

Services such as Xigncode or BattleEye are unsuited to handle the task of protecting Black Desert Online.

We are setting the standard for as to how MMO anti-cheat and protection should be handled.

Say hello to Crimson Warden.

Our Highlights

Korean Content: We are the only Black Desert Online private server who run on the korean version of the game. This allows us to release content months before it becomes available in the west.

Frequent Updates: Weekly hotfixes and monthly updates allows us to stay on top of the update curve alongside allowing us to address any issues which may pop up.

Worldwide Localization: Language patches for over 10+ languages are available to download at your leisure.

Custom Experience Curve: Leveling in Black Desert is generally a rather long and ardous journey, which is why we have gone in and tuned every mob by hand to make the leveling experience much more enjoyable.

Free Pearls: Being able to earn the premium currency "Pearls" has always been a vital part of our core principles, and thus you are able to earn Pearls for free by doing various in-game activities.